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Colosseum Back After Major Refurbishment

A Coventry nightclub opens its doors to the public tonight after undergoing a major refurbishment.

The Colosseum in Hillfields has been closed for three weeks to revamp the interior before the students return to university.

The club believes that around 90% of its trade is now accounted for by students and a spokesman admitted that the summer break was an ideal opportunity to change the face of the club.

He said:

"We wanted to liven up the club inside and this seemed like the most sensible time to do it.

"People will barely recognise the place because, although we have not changed anything structurally, the décor is completely different.

"The Colosseum was always a fairly dark place but we have lightened it up and made it brighter and more relaxed."

And the 1150 capacity club will give nightclubbing a new complexion after adding some Sony Playsations for customers who are tired of dancing.

A spokesman said:

"We are putting in a bit of a ‘chill-out’ room which will include some playstations for people to use if they just want to relax a bit.

"There will be three different areas, the main part of the club which will play 70’s and 80’s music, a room where you can dance to some more modern stuff and then the top bar – which will be much quieter.

"This is intended to be a place where you can go and chat to your friends and have a few minutes out from the dance floor."

The Colosseum reopens tonight with an £8 entry charge which enables customers to free drinks once inside and Rax, who DJ’s Thursday nights at the club believes it is a great deal.

He said:

"You can got out and spend £50 in one night in town, but for £8 at The Colosseum you can get your entrance and all the nights drinks."

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