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Raging Bull Cheats Death In Nuneaton Escape

A bull decided to take its life into its own hooves yesterday when it escaped from a Nuneaton abattoir.

The beast’s bid for freedom began yesterday at 2.45pm when it escaped from the abattoir in St Mary’s Road.

It ran away across a railway line and dashed across Weddington Fields.

Reports were circulated warning the public to stay away from the bull as it was “mad and extremely dangerous”.

A full scale hunt including a police helicopter was started immediately to try and trace the AWOL animal.

The black beast was finally found at 10pm after a farmer at Lingfield Farm in Tuttle Hill reported that the animal was safely enclosed in a field.

An animal sanctuary based in Norwich is now in negotiations with the abattoir to buy the bull and give it a new lease of life following its escapade.

Police said the bull was happily munching grass while it waits to move to its new home.
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