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Ten Key Facts About CWN
  1. CWN is the largest, and longest established, news and information website about Coventry and Warwickshire.
  2. CWN began life as the Coventry Community Network in May 1995. It later widened its area to become the Coventry & Warwickshire Network, and is now known and branded as CWN.
  3. As of May 2000 CWN was receiving over 120,000 visitors per month.
  4. CWN is updated daily with news and information about Coventry and Warwickshire. As of May 2000 it contains over 22,000 files of text, audio and video information about the local area.
  5. CWN is not publicly funded. It is privately owned and managed by Coventry Internet Developments Ltd – Coventry’s oldest Internet company.
  6. Coventry Internet Developments Ltd and CWN have a staff of 12 full time and 2 part time. The staff are divided roughly 50:50 between the two operations. CWN also has a pool of professional freelance contributors.
  7. Since CWN started the site has had well over 1.5 million visitors who have read over 4.3 million pages and generated way in excess of 40 million ‘hits’.
  8. CWN is nationally recognised as one of the largest and most successful ‘Community Information Networks’ in Britain. It has been cited in numerous publications and has been demonstrated at many events across the country.
  9. CWN has been a ‘technology leader’ since it started. We had one of the first public ‘webcams’ in Britain; we were the first to use ‘streaming’ audio and video to promote Coventry and Warwickshire; we carried out the first local radio and Internet ‘simulcast’ broadcasting Kix96 around the world.
  10. CWN is nationally recognised as one of the only independent local news services on the web not to have to originated from an existing press or media company.
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