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War Declared Again On Abandoned Cars

Police in Coventry are taking to the streets again to continue their war against unwanted and abandoned vehicles.

Operation Mantovani was launched in March this year when 41 vehicles were removed from the Wood End area by council officers working with Stoney Stanton Road traffic officers.

Now the team has been reassembled with officers from the DVLA to tackle people who think they are beyond the law.

Acting Sergeant Ferris Hatheson said:

"Abandoned vehicles have a negative effect on the quality of life of local residents and are often subject to arson attacks and criminal damage.

"Local people were delighted when we removed these eye-sores last time and we promised at the time we would be back if the need arose." 

Warning stickers have been put on some 65 vehicles telling the owners to either tax or remove their vehicles.

Owners have been warned that if nothing is done, the council will remove vehicles and deal with them as they see fit.

Sgt Hatheson said:

"Any vehicle owners who contact the council stating they do not wish their vehicles to be removed will receive visits from traffic officers to make sure all the necessary documents such as insurance and MOT certificates are in order."

Haydon Madoc, head of enforcement for DVLA, said:

"The partnership between DVLA, West Midlands Police and the council is welcomed and we are confident this operation will help protect the environment.

"Honest motorists are infuriated at having to subsidise road tax cheats and it is a constant source of resentment.

“DVLA's wheelclamping units will be targeting unlicensed vehicles and road tax cheats should be aware as they could end up carless, penniless and find it more trouble than it is worth.

"There is now no hiding place for those who think they are beyond the law."

There is a free collection service for unwanted vehicles and anyone wishing to take advantage of this should contact the Street Services Officer on 0500 834333 or Andrea Driver on 7683 4323 or write to the Street Services Section, 1st Floor, Broadgate House, Broadgate, Coventry CV1 1FS.
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