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Coventry and Warwickshire bands have hit the web big time with the launch of a major new CD and site showcasing local talent.

Twelve bands have each contributed a track to the disc, which is being given away from – a new website by CWN.

The CD, which was launched today, is the first in the area to be tied into the internet. The aim is to give people a taster of the major groups in the city, and at the same time try to give the bands a chance to raise their profile.

Diverse in style, the groups included are: Rochenko, Souler Rhythm, Def Con 3, I’m Spartacus, Flash Vegas, Java, Stone Foundation, the New Matics, Stain, Sugarfix and Jesus Deluxe

People who want a copy of the CD can get one free by visiting the website

Some of the bands will be showcasing their songs in a special gig at the Colosseum on Sunday from 7pm.

Chris Studman, managing director of CWN, who came up with the idea for, said:

“There has never been such an ambitious attempt to get so many groups on one CD together.

“With the CD people can get an instant idea of what the groups sound like. We are planning to follow this up with another volume in the new year.

“And the website will be constantly changing to keep everyone in touch with the latest groups and bands in the area.”

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