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[03 NOV 00] CWN NEWS
More Come To CWN As Other Media Stumble

CWN continues to be the fastest growing media outlet in Coventry and Warwickshire, attracting a record number of visitors, while the other major players either lost audiences or held steady.

More than 123,000 people came to the site in October to read news, sport, listings, information, or to look at the webcam focusing on Broadgate.

This equated to almost 350,000 page impressions, generating 3.7 million hits.

Official figures showing the number of listeners to local radio stations revealed that they had a varied time over the last quarter.

BBC CWR went down from 108,000 listeners a week to an average of 92,000 - a drop of 3 per cent on its potential audience, but it still has 6,000, or 1 per cent, more listeners compared to the situation 12 months ago.

For a listener to count under Rajar rules they have to listen for at least five-minutes of a quarter-hour period.

Mercia FM lost 20,000 listeners in the previous quarter, but still is the strongest, with 190,000 weekly listeners.

The station covers the widest area, and has a 30 per cent share. Compared to the quarter ending in September 1999, it has lost 10,000, or two per cent of its listeners.

Classic Gold 1359, a golden oldies station run by Mercia, has also dropped, to 58,000 listeners a week, compared with 61,000 last quarter, and 67,000 this time last year.

Kix 96 has remained steady for both the last quarter and the last year, staying at around 65,000 a week.

By comparison, CWN's visitor figures have grown by 17 per cent since June, and 81 per cent since last September, when 67,914 people visited the site.

The latest addition to the CWN portfolio attracted 6,000 visitors in its first month. It took CWN two years to get that mark following its launch in 1995.

The Coventry Evening Telegraph's circulation, combined with The Pink, dropped in the first six months of the year by 5 per cent to 77,144 a day.

CWN Editor and Managing Director Chris Studman, said he was delighted with the news that more people are logging on to CWN.

He said:

"The internet is obviously the growth medium at the moment and this is set to continue as more people get computers and get connected.

"Obviously our visitors are not just confined to this area as we can be accessed from all over the world. We find that a consistent section of our readers are ex-pats keen to keep in touch with the area.

"All the media have to put up with seasonal variations, and it does make comparisons difficult.

"But with more than 30,000 visitors a week we are now more than halfway to catching up our nearest rivals."
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