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Beyond Breaking Glass

6 JUNE 1999 @ 7.30pm

For One Night Only ...

Hazel O'Connor
Beyond Breaking Glass
Cormac DeBarre on Irish Harp

Tickets - 7.00 (6.00 concessions)

Beyond Breaking Glass is an original piece which was specially written for the Edinburgh Festival 1998. It traces Hazel's history from before Breaking Glass right up to the present day, using dialogue, songs, slides and puppets. The performances is a gripping story but also serves as a warning to anyone intending a career in the music industry. The truth will out in the end.

Whatever happened to Hazel O'Connor?

Hazel O'Connor

In the beginning was ... a film! Well, that's not quite true. Even before the success of Breaking Glass, Hazel O'Connor had established herself as a very talented performer. In fact, if you remember the kids television series Metal Mickey you may even remember Hazel as Roberta. However, in 1980 it was Breaking Glass that catapulted her to fame ... if not fortune ... and established her as one of the generation's most prolific songwriters.

Since starring in Breaking Glass, a performance that earned her the Variety Club Award for Best Film Actress, and a BAFTA nomination, Hazel has worked continuously. Television projects, have included jangles for HTV, Prospects for Euston Films and Fighting Back for the BBC. In the theatre she has appeared at The Royal Exchange, Manchester, the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith and extensively in Dublin where she exploited the opportunity to get away from her Queen of Punk image, to demonstrate her versatility by playing many differing roles, and staging her own play Sing Out Sister.

Since the release of the soundtrack for Breaking Glass, which reached number five in the UK album charts at the same time that the single Eighth Day climbed to the same spot in the singles charts, Hazel has released numerous albums. Sons and Lovers came after Breaking Glass and that was followed by Cover Plus in 1981 and Smile in 1984. To Be Freed was released by Sony music, in 1993, as were Over The Moon - Live in 1994 and Private Wars in 1995. In 1996 Hazel realised a long-held ambition by releasing a self-owned album, Live In Berlin. Two years later she repeated this feat with Five In The Morning.

A limited edition of the voice and harp performances from Beyond Breaking Class also been released and includes a haunting version of her UK hit Will You?

Edinburgh Reactions ...

"Her rendition of Will You? was spellbinding. An uplifting experience"
The Scotsman

"Every year one fringe shows stands out from the rest. This year, streets ahead of the mediocre stand-up and would-be sell-outs, was one of the most genuine shows I have seen in a long time ... Beyond Breaking Glass establishes Hazel O'Connor as much more than an 80s icon. If anything, her voice is richer now and stronger, her acting quietly observed and intimate, and if you ever get a chance to see her don't think twice ... just go!"
Edinburgh Central Telegraph.

MORE INFORMATION: Cath Pitkethly  01203 846 703

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