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Guards! Guards!

15 - 20 February 1999

Dream Makers Ltd and Fleighton Production Limited presents Guards! Guards!

Following the enormous success of the first national tour, Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards! (adapted for the stage by Geoffrey Cush) began a second tour in January 1999.

When the city of Ankh-Morpork is threatened with destruction by a fiery dragon, a hard-drinking maverick cop decides to investigate, aided and often hindered by a 6'4" dwarf and an orangutan who communicates via charades. Comedy fuses with fantasy and drama to produce an original and hilarious piece of unorthodox theatre.

Officially this country's top-selling living author, Terry Pratchett is a publishing phenomenon. His novels go straight to the number one slot in the bestseller lists and have been translated into 26 languages. Terry is named by WH Smith as their most shop-lifted writer! and the Discworld novels have created their own industry of videos, audio books, maps, diaries, calendars, computer games, T-shirts, cartoon books and figurines.

The cast of thirteen is led by Paul Darrow, best known for his role as Avon in Blake's Seven which celebrates its 21st anniversary with a new BBC Radio 4 play (January 1999). There will be an international Blake's Seven convention in March. Paul's extensive theatre credits range from Elvis Presley in Are You Lonesome Tonight? to the title role in Macbeth.

The Guards! Guards! company also includes Nick Conway (Billy Boswell in Bread) and ex-member of the Flying Pickets Dave Brett.

The production is directed by Peter Benedict, set and costumes designed by Nigel Hook, with lighting by Douglas Kuhrt. Original music and sound effects by Nathan Ng; fantasy effects by Barnaby George.

"Hilarious... a masterpiece ... cult theatre for the new millennium" - The Scotsman

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Terry Pratchett is the UK's biggest selling living author. His novels are translated into 26 languages and there is a vast industry attached to them, producing computer games, cartoon books, maps of his fictional locations, diaries, figurines, candles, coffee mugs video tapes, audio cassettes etc etc ...

Awarded the OBE in 1998, Pratchett is worshipped by his fans, who recently packed the DISCWORLD CONVENTION in Liverpool. They are not adverse to dressing as their favourite characters, whether they be witches, rats or ten foot stone trolls.

Paul Darrow is best known for his role as the steely Avon in cult TV sci-fi Blake's Seven, which celebrated its 21 t birthday in December 1998.

Other cast members include Nick Conway, best known for his role as Billy Boswell in Bread. His theatre credits include the West End and national Tour of An Evening With Gary Lineker. Also, Roland Curram who has appeared in countless movies, the most important of which was probably John Schlesinger's quintessential Sixties film Darling, playing opposite Julie Christie. West End credits include Noises Off, Ross and Design For Living as well as numerous roles for the RSC and National Theatre. TV includes leading roles in Bouquet of Barbed Wire and Big Jim and the Figaro Club. The last time he worked with this director he was encased in a brass jar up to his neck as the central protagonist of Samuel Beckett's Play. David Brett is a former member of the eighties band The Flying Pickets, whose single 'Only You' enjoyed a lengthy run at number one in the charts.

Special effects designer Barnaby George of Shepperton Studios has helped bring several of Pratchett's best loved but more unusual characters to life:

The Orangutan Librarian - does not speak but communicates via charades. He does not like to be called a monkey. Played by Maddy Sparham.

Errol the swamp dragon is the size of a dog, bright red and very ugly. He suffers almost permanent indigestion caused through indiscriminate eating of anything he can get his claws on. He is also extremely lovable although his shameless upstaging of fellow cast members occasionally leads to injury. Played by Neil Sheppeck.

Death - regularly voted Pratchett's most popular character. Seven feet tall, he carries a scythe so sharp that it's transparent. He has a very dry sense of humour and a habit of turning up when you least expect him. Played by Roland Curram.

Carrot - a handsome 6'4" dwarf with orange hair and a very large cod piece. Played by lain Stirland.

MORE INFORMATION: Cath Pitkethly  01203 846 703

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Guards, Guards - 15 Feb - 20 Feb - Belgrade Theatre

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West Orchards Shopping Centre, Coventry

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