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Coventry Writers' Group

The Coventry Writers' Group started its existence in the 1950s. Over 40 years later, and with a thriving membership that far exceeds its handful of original members, the Group still continues to appeal to those who are interested in writing for profit or just for personal pleasure.

Members over the years have successfully produced all sorts of work, including novels, short stories, articles, plays, TV sketches and poetry.

Writing can be a very lonely experience, and the Group aims to provide both an enjoyable social meeting and one where members are offered advice and encouragement in marketing their work.

An important part of the Group's monthly meetings are the 'round-the-table' sessions, in which each member has the opportunity of saying what they've been doing with their writing during the month. This means that members don't feel neglected, even if they have no successes to report.

An exercise is set every month so that members have a chance to read out and receive constructive criticism on something which they've written.

And an annual short story competition is held and judged by a published writer from outside the Group. Trophies are awarded each year to members who have been most successful and/or worked hardest at their writing.

A monthly newsletter is produced with information about Group activities and writing competitions.

Pens and typewriters have largely changed to computers and word processors, but good writing still relies on the inspiration and imagination of the author. And to stimulate these is one of the Group's important functions. As well as that, criticism and advice from fellow members can play a valuable part in the final process of getting work accepted for publication.

A great many rejection slips have been received from 'regretful' editors since the Group first started. But success comes with perseverance, and nowhere will you find greater determination to succeed than in members of the Coventry Writers' Group.

New members are always welcome, and further details about membership and Group meetings are available from :

Chair : Chris Rutherford
t  01926 613757

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