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Guestbook - April 1997

[30 APR 97]

Found your page on the web and I think its a brilliant idea!
Here are my details:
Pridmore Road School 1951-1957
Lyng Hall School 1957-1962

My name is Pauline Greene nee HAMBIDGE and I would be delighted to hear from any old school pals.

Best wishes

Pauline Greene <>

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[27 APR 97]

Has anyone memories of the old Rivoli Cinema, Longford? As a child I went there many times between 1938-1940. I remember the 'tuppenny rush', and the serials that were shown, particularly 'Flash Gordon', and 'The Phantom Empire', starring Gene Autry. I never did see the last chapters of 'The Phantom Empire', due to being evacuated during the blitz. I also remember during a showing of the Gracie Fields film 'Shipyard Sally', being asked to leave the cinema, when an air raid was in progress. We were given tickets for a future performance. Unfortunately I never went back to the Rivoli again.

My mother, Edna Barton, played the piano for the silent screen at The Imperial Cinema, Earlsdon, but I would imagine that it is too long ago for anyone to remember her.

It's good to see Coventry on the Net. I will be remembered as Michael Gascoyne, but my name is now Michael Roberts.

Michael Roberts < >

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[27 APR 97]

I'm now related to the coordinator of this web site, but was born and bred in Coventry.

I went to Moseley Avenue primary school from 1953 - 1959 and I can just about remember the names of my teachers: Mrs Hooper and Mrs Wilkinson - infants; Mrs Darnelles (I think), Mrs Owen, Mrs Mallinson (who lived on the Holyhead Road) and Mrs Waddington who had her last year of teaching when I was in her year. The head was Miss Makepeace who drove, of course, a Morris Minor.

I can remember the names of lots of school friends but I guess a lot of them are dispersed from Coventry. A few of my mates went on with me to Henry VIII and I spent my years 1959-1966 somewhat anonymously under the headship of HH Walker. The sixth form was in Maths and once had the most successful rugby team ouside of the school teams. I then went off to Nottingham University and went into teaching where I made the dizzy heights of Primary Deputy Head before making a home run and getting out of teaching.

I'm now a technical writer in the construction industry, living in Bedfordshire. I've three young daughters and married to Beverley whose brother runs this web site. Quite a coincidence I suppose. I still regularly visit the city as I have a number of relatives still living here... and, of course, I always look for the Coventry City results and agonise with their annual struggle with relegation. Any contacts?

Bob Harrold c/o <>

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[26 APR 97]

I would be interested to chat to anyone that attended Higham Lane High School, Nuneaton between 1966 and 1970. My name is Nigel Wheway, now living in Vancouver, Canada.

I am in my early 40's, I used to work at Rotherhams which was near the Chaplefields area. I lived in Nuneaton and Bulkington until I emigrated to Vancouver in 1979.

Nigel Wheway < >

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[26 APR 97]

I went to Lyng Hall starting as a First Year in 1955, the year that it opened. I was taught English by Miss Elliott. I met her about 5 years ago, retired and well, living in Earlsdon.

My husband is Rod Mortlock, born in Hyde Road.

Maureen Mortlock (nee Vaughan) <>

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[26 APR 97]

Hello there,

A great idea, congratulations. What a surprise when I saw my name at the top of the list. For the record my school years were:

Stoke Green 1933-36
Stoke Council 1936-38
Bablake 1938-43
Birmingham University 1945-48 (I'll be coming over next year to celebrate my graduating class 50th anniverary)

I regularly access your page and find it great for keeping in touch with what's happening in the Coventry area. It was through your web site that I found out the e-mail address of my nephew in Coventry and subsequently my sister's web page. As you may gather from the above dates I'm retired and this gives me plenty of time to access the web, and here in Canada we don't have to pay extra telephone charges.

Keep up the good work

Cheers...Jim Elks < >

See previous entry 04 Aug 96

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[26 APR 97]

Hi... My name is Tony Savage. I grew up in Radford and served an apprenticeship at BTH (AEI) 1960 - 65.

I have lived in the US and now live in Cape Town, South Africa. I'd like to hear from old class mates, neighbours or friends. I went to Barkers Butts School which is no longer standing.

Tony Savage <>

See previous entry 05 Dec 96

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[24 APR 97]

My name is John Jeffcoate. I went to Swinnerton High in Nuneaton 1964-1968. I was an apprentice at Jaguar and would like to hear from any one who knows me. I now live in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

John Jeffcoate <>

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[21 APR 97]

Hello my name is Debbie Hughes, maiden name Pile. I was born in Tile Hill then we moved to Melbourne, Australia. We moved back to Coventry when I was 14 years old - I was born in 1959. When we moved back to Coventry, we lived in Earlsdon Ave, Earlsdon. My best friend was Louise Brindley, and my boyfriend when I left was called Charlie Oaks. I went to Hersall Common School. My nanna and grandad were Jack and Elsie Lamb. They had eight children. My nickname used to be Skippy. If anyone knows me please email me.

Debbie <>

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[21 APR 97]

If there is by chance anyone out there reading this in Coventry, I would like like to hear from you, or if not in Coventry now, was at the time in question.

I attended Lyng Hall Comprehensive Girl School Epsilon House (Red) when it first opened up. I was a 2nd year student. Miss Elliott I think, was our English teacher. Hope to hear form someone.

Marie Wheway (nee Fauchon) <>
Vancouver, Canada

Further details added 26 Apr 97:

Born 1942 Marie Fauchon
Junior Schools: Holbrooks, then at Wyken - Ravensdale, Richard Lee
Secondry Schools: Stoke Secondry Modern, then in 1955 Lyng Hall Comprehensive Girls School
I now live in Vancouver BC Canada

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[20 APR 97]

Hi all at these pages. I have been living in Australia now for 25 years, I lived at Gospel Oak Road, Holbrooks. Something that has been eating at me for so long: on the emblem of Coventry - the Elephant. How did this become part of the coat of arms? I would love to know the answer to this.

Kelvin Watts in Oz <> or <>

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[19 APR 97] Lapworth Family

Enjoyed your web site. Would like to correspond with persons interested in family history re: Lapworth family.

GH Lapworth <>

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[16 APR 97] Lanchester Polytechnic

Please let me know what happened to Rugby site of Lanchester Polytechnic? I was a student there 1970-1974.

Hashim bin Hj Adnan <>

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[12 APR 97]

Hi there!

Just wondering, after reading your page, whether there is anyone out there who went to Binley Park Comprehensive School in about 1963? I am now living in South Africa and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!!

In anticipation,
Paul Moseley <>

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[12 APR 97] Lady Godiva Ancestory

Hello! I am needing any help available. I know very little of my family history, but have been told that it dates back to Lady Godiva. Is there a way I can start with her and work my way forward?


Christina Allensworth <>

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[11 APR 97]

Have been living in Western Canada since 1982 and Ontario before that. This is worth a try to see whether there are any ex Binley Park schoolites on the "net". I went there between 1960 and 1964.

I played football for Folly Lane and Sporting Club New Star amongst others. The Lane, I understand, are doing really well now. They always were a class team.

Love to here from any Coventry kids out there.

Terry Jones < >
St Albert, Alberta, Canada

See previous entry 30 Dec 96

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[06 APR 97] Hammond Family

Hello Coventry area,

I have been working on the Hammond family tree for about one year now and I am trying to make the connection across the ocean. My great, great, grandfather was born in Rugby, England in 1833 and immigrated to the US (Baltimore Township, Barry County, Michigan)in the 1850s. If there are any Hammonds or anyone with knowledge of any Hammond ancestry in that area I would appreciate it if you would e-mail me.

Dr Randall W Hammond <>

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[03 APR 97]

Just found your web site and can't wait to browse through! I'm in the States but a Brit from Coventry.

Muriel Webb <>

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