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Guestbook - November 2000


I went to Stoke Heath primary school and then on to Lyng Hall secondary school which I left in 1966. I was in Zeta house and would be pleased to make contact with ex class mates.

I now live in New Zealand.

Carol Milburn [née Hill]  < >

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Hi there folks!

I went to Howes Junior School, Coventry (1972-76) and then on to Whitley Abbey Comprehensive School until 1984.

I left Coventry in 1984 and now live in France.

If there are any Coventrians who remember the good old days let me know. It could be fun to bring back happy memories ...

Roxanne Johnson  < >

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With reference to the letter in the Guestbook dated 19 February 2000, I cannot say for certain that there was a Prisoner of War camp in Radford between the years 1914-1918, but I do know that there was an ammunition dump at Radford between the Daimler factory and Holbrooks.

I was born in 1920 and for the first twenty years of my life I lived in Lydgate Road, Radford. In those days there were no houses between Lydgate Road and Holbrooks, they were built in the twenties.

As children, my brother and I used to play on the land behind the Daimler, which was known as the 'dumps'. There were concrete bunkers there for ammunition storage during the war.

At the far end, towards Holbrooks, there were some wooden buildings known as 'munition cottages'. I am wondering if these were used as the prisoner of war camp and if the prisoners were employed sorting out and disposing of the ammunition.

Otherwise, I can think of no other site in the whole of the Radford area that could have been a camp.

Sincerely yours

Julie Farley  < >

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I went to Keresley Junior School 1967-70, then onto Keresley Newland secondary school in Coventry 1971-74.

I left Coventry in 1974 and now live in Leicester.

I would love to find out what happened to Beverley Hitchcock and Dawn Laban.

If anyone remembers them or me please email me.

Karen Robinson [née Hedley]  < >

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Hi there, I was a student at Coundon Court School, Coventry. My name is Christopher Baldwin and I also had two brothers that went there as well - Cory Conlon and Lance Baldwin.

My head was Mr Edwards and head master Mr Kershaw.

I just wanna say "keep in touch" because I have moved to the USA.

If you know Lee Farmer or Kevin Guiess or his brother Keith Guiess who were all students at the same time as me please contact them and let them know I still care.

Hope to hear from anyone that knows me.

Chris Baldwin  < >

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I went to Frederick Bird Primary School in Coventry 1964-68.

If anyone remembers me please get in touch!

Bryan Martin  < >

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I wonder whether you can help me?

My name is Edward Hudson. I come from and live in south London.

The reason for this email is because I would like to know the whereabouts of an old school friend - Kim Green.

As I mentioned I am a Londoner, but after my mother died I found myself integrated into another family when my dad met someone else. My father's new partner lived, and still does for that matter, in St James Lane, Willenhall, Coventry.

So to cut a long story very short I started at Whitley Abbey school at the beginning of January 1977 - I was in Warwick House, form 3w.

After some initial problems with some of the lads of my year - I was the only cockney in the school so it was natural every one wanted a pop at me - I found myself accepted by these lads and even earned myself a nickname "SLUSHY". That was on account of me being the fastest person to be able to put a piece of paper in my mouth, chew it to a semi-solid sort of pulp and then fire said piece of paper out of a hollow biro casing at some unfortunate individual. That all sounds rather dubious I know coming from a grown man of 37 years but I was only 14 at the time and if you can't be stupid then, when can you be?

After the initial problems and being accepted by the lads, the girls started to take an interest as well.

It was then Kim Green entered my life. She was my first girl friend so to speak - she had many admirers from my year, but she chose me.

However we were an item for only a very short time because due to family problems and me not doing very well at Whitley Abbey (educationally anyway) I was destined never to return to the school after the end of the summer holiday for that year.

Now the reason I want to know about Kim Green is this. I was only scheduled to spend a few weeks back in London on a boating holiday down the Thames with my older sister and her boyfriend. I was then going to return to Coventry and me and Kim would take up where we left off. However after a blazing family row, I never returned.

Twenty-three years later myself, my father and his partner are reconciled, and I have been accepted back into the fold. I visit Coventry fairly regularly and so naturally the old times are spoken of, and old familiar places are revisited.

In conversation, it came out that soon after I failed to return from London Kim went missing. The police came round to my father's house to ask whether there was a possible link with my situation and her going missing. They told the police all they could and that was the last they heard.

I would really like to know whether Kim was found or what happened to her and if she is ok.

Also details of any reunions for Whitley Abbey would be gratefully accepted.


Edward J Hudson  < >

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