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Indicators For A Sustainable Coventry

In Coventry, as in so many other cities across the world, people are becoming more concerned about the pressures that our everyday lives are putting on the earth’s resources.

This concern isn’t just about protecting the environment for the sake of it but it is because more and more people are seeing that the state of the world’s natural resources like clean air and fresh water and the state of the environment we live in affect our own health, well being and happiness.

Indicators for a Sustainable Coventry brings together 20 measures for the city which reflect:


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Social and Economic

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Of the 20 indicators that were measured

thumbs up - getting better

six were found to be moving towards sustainability

thumbs down - getting worse

eight were found to be moving away sustainability

Don't know

six indicators were neither positive nor negative. This is because for some there has been no significant change over a number of years, for others it is only the first year that this data has been collected and one has not yet been monitored, but was considered important and will be investigated in the future.


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