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New VS Rugby Owner

A Rugby company are so committed to local football club VS Rugby that they have not only decided to sponsor the club, but to buy it as well!

Melbros Building Supplies has become VS’s official sponsor, and company managing director Brian Melvin is now the owner of the Butlin Road side after aquiring a majority shareholding.

Melvin is delighted with the purchase and is already looking forward to the next campaign.

He said:

"We are all very excited about out involvement with VS and are hoping to move the club forward significantly.

"Last season VS amassed a decent points total in the Doctor Martins Midland division and our first aim is to consolidate that, and hopefully build on it to get amongst the promotion candidates.

"The manager Martin Sockett is currently looking at the strengths of the first team and if he feels that there are areas where we need to strengthen then we will sit down with him and discuss that."

However the new owner believes that the best way of furthering the team is to develop a youth scheme, something that he has already begun.

"Like everybody we will have to run a tight ship. We took control of the club on Monday and I have already started proceedings to set up a youth scheme at the club for kids from 18 right down to eight years old.

"Mick Golding who has been a successful youth coach with Rugby Town will be fronting the scheme for is, and we hope to get kids joining it from an early age.

"We feel that there is a lot of untapped talent in Rugby but previously these lads have been going elsewhere at 16-years-old because VS has had nothing to offer them.

"Hopefully the youngsters will make the progression through the different teams and give us selection options for the first eleven because obviously that would save the club money on bringing people in."

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