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Publication of Inspectors Report

This document is the report by the Government-appointed Inspector following the Public Local Inquiry into the Coventry Development Plan. The Report was published by Coventry City Council on 25 October 2000.

The document begins with a cover letter by the Inspector, presenting the report to the Coventry City Council: this letter also includes a summary of the main issues covered by the Inquiry. Then, the Report deals with general housing and employment land issues, next with the main chapters of the Plan, and finally with specific housing, employment and Green Belt sites.

The City Council hopes to publish its Modifications to the Plan early in 2001, when the Modifications will be placed on Deposit for formal representations for a statutory period of six weeks.

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Covering Letter [36kb]


  1. Housing and safeguarded land 1 [72kb]
  2. Employment land 13 [69kb]
  3. Introduction and overall strategy 25 [81kb]
  4. Housing 44 [90kb]
  5. Economy and employment 64 [91kb]
  6. Shopping 84 [150kb]
  7. Access and movement 119 [119kb]
  8. Built environment 148 [105kb]
  9. Green environment 173 [108kb]
  10. Social, community and leisure 198 [57kb]
  11. City Centre 209 [130kb]
  12. Environmental management 242 [65kb]
  13. Housing sites 256 [62kb]
  14. Employment sites 270 [63kb]
  15. Green Belt sites 282 [131kb]

Appendices available from Coventry City Council.

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