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Coventry station lies on the West Coast Mail Line, there is congestion along this track. There are two level crossings within Coventry at Tile Hill and Canley. Operation of these crossings causes traffic delays.

There are no rail stations on the line to the east of Coventry station within the City boundary.

Coventry station also lies on the Nuneaton-Leamington line. There are no other stations along this line within the City.


Coventry has areas of low employment and low car ownership. The City Council is encouraging investment into the City, bringing jobs and prosperity.

These new employment and housing sites will need to be served by an efficient transport infrastructure.

Where the links to employment or housing sites are poor, those without cars are discriminated against.


In the mornings, large amounts of traffic enters the City from Warwickshire to the north, east and south, and Birmingham and Solihull to the west. In the evening it all leaves again. Combined with the City's traffic, this creates congestion problems and is likely to increase levels of harmful pollutants.

Traffic entering the City causes congestion; this can hold up not only other drivers but also the freight that is vital to our economic welfare. It can cause delays to pedestrians wanting to cross roads. It can endanger cyclists who share the roads with cars.


In many areas, traffic build-up can lead to rat-running and dangerous driving in residential streets. Groups of residents are calling for traffic-calming in their own streets. Other communities are calling for home zones or blanket 20mph zones.

Parents worry about letting their children walk to and from school. Many of them drive instead, further clogging the streets and choking the atmosphere.

Some of our citizens feel unsafe walking around areas of the city at night and there are complaints that some of our pavements are unsafe.


Parking can be a highly contentious issue. All of those driving into the City to work need somewhere to park, and some try to escape paying to park in the public spaces. Everyone with a car wants to be able to park outside their house but in some areas there are restrictions that prevent them from doing this.


Coventry is at the heart of the UK and the crossroads of the national road and rail networks. The City Council works with Railtrack and the Highways Agency to deal with bottlenecks and keep everyone moving.

The amount of traffic using our roads takes a heavy toll on the road surface. We spend 2.5million per year repairing roads and pavements. This is a fraction of what is needed to bring our streets up to an acceptable standard.


There are over 190 road bridges in Coventry. We have to be particularly careful in monitoring their condition and safety. They are vital links in the chain and would cause untold disruption to trafffic should they have to close. Around thirty bridges will require strengthening or maintenance work in the next few years.

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