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How To Spend The Money

Imagine that you had 100 to spend on transport in Coventry, what would you spend it on?

The form shows the different areas where the Council could spend its money and the cost for each one.

The costs aren't real of course - we spend around 7million per year to maintain the roads instead of the 20 we've put here but we've tried to make the costs fair, assuming that you only had 100.

Cost Per Item

Number of Items

How much you pay
Build a tramline
This will replace a bus route and encourage large numbers of people to use public transport. It will reduce delays and pollution levels.
Maintain 1/2 of Coventry's Roads
If the roads aren't maintained, they will become dangerous and cause accidents and delays.
Maintain 1/2 of Coventry's Bridges
If the bridges aren't maintained, they will become dangerous and cause accidents.
Upgrade (Showcase) one bus route
This will give passengers better information and more reliable, high quality buses. This would reduce delays and frees up space on the road reduces delays and reduces pollution.
Build a new rail station
This would mean that more people would have access to the railways and would enable more trains to be run. This would encourage large numbers of people to use public transport and reduce pollution.
Build a new park and ride
When people travel into the city centre by bus they cause fewer delays and generate less pollution.
Create a new cycle track
This will encourage more people to cycle to instead of driving, reducing pollution, freeing up space on the roads and reducing pollution. It also improves peoples health.
Build a freight depot
This would reduce the amount of goods vehicles that need to use the roads, freeing up road space and reducing pollution. It would also benefit the economy.
Provide resident's parking on one street
This would discourage people parking on streets they don't live on.
Traffic calm one average road
Installing speed cushion, chicanes, and other things to slow down drivers reduces accidents.
Fund a safer route to school
This project would encourage pupils to walk or cycle, freeing up space on the road, reducing pollution and making children safer and healthier.
Remember you can't spend over 100 Total


What else should we take into account?

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