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Household Waste

Household waste graphicCollecting, transporting and disposing of waste is expensive and can cause environmental damage whether it goes direct to landfill or, as in Coventry, is incinerated in a process that produces heat and electricity.

The level of waste produced can be a sign of how efficiently resources are used - producing less waste means reducing environmental damage and protects the world’s valuable resources such as oil, trees, minerals and water.

Graph of total household collected waste per person

While household waste collected is only a proportion of total waste, it is a significant indicator because it involves everybody. This indicator shows that the production of waste in Coventry has been increasing steadily over the last five years. The amount of household waste produced across the country is also increasing by approximately 3% per annum. One reason for this is the growing number of households.

The introduction of the wheeled-bin over the same time span may also have contributed by allowing for a much greater quantity of waste to be disposed at home thus reducing the use of other disposal methods (such as the city’s public waste disposal site).

The introduction of projects such as kerbside collection of recyclables, municipal and home composting could help change this trend from negative to positive.

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