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River Water Quality

river-water-quality-graphicAs we already consume almost 140 Litres per person a day, river water quality will be an important indicator of our sustainability, and we must be even more careful to ensure that the water we have is unpolluted. Water quality in the city’s rivers and the canal have been measured, based on the number and types of fish that are able to live in it by using a grading system from A-F, where A is good and F is bad.

Quality of river water per year graded A (good) to F (bad)

There are mixed results on the quality of water in the River Sherbourne and Sowe and Coventry Canal. Whilst water quality has stayed roughly the same over the last few years in the River Sowe, quality has declined in the River Sherbourne and in the Coventry Canal, mostly due to storm drains and urban run-off. To improve water quality, storm drains are being removed, and the water quality monitored and surveyed.


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