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People Who Live and Work in Coventry

people-who-live-and-work-in-coventry-graphicThe ability of Coventry to meet the needs of its own residents is an important indicator of how sustainable the city is. The more we rely on other areas to provide our food, water and facilities, the bigger our impact on the environment becomes.

The number of people who live and work in the city can be used to show how well the jobs available in the city are being taken up by people who live here. It also shows the effect of where people work, on transport - if the number of local people who have jobs locally increases, then the environmental impacts of commuting should fall.

The first Coventry and Warwickshire Travel Survey was carried out in 1999 and shows that 50.6% of working people living in Coventry work in the city and this will be monitored in the future. 

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